Fresh – Dau Goi Dau

Sector: Beauty / Retail


Brand platform
Logo refine
Packaging system

A refresh of Vietnam iconic shampoo brand

The Challenge

Fresh is the organic soapberry shampoo owned by Saigon Cosmetics (SCC). In the shape of the black bottle and hot pink cap, Fresh has become a familiar hair-care product and trusted by many Vietnamese generations, especially women. First-made Fresh products appeared in the market in 1975 and competitively challenged with other imported beauty products during 30 years. Until now, Fresh still finds its own spot in consumer’s heart.


Attempting to come back with a new look, our goal is to re-design the label of Fresh shampoo line with different scents, Original Soapberry, Pomelo, and Mint. Fresh with gentle formula and nourishing natural ingredients, Soapberry, Pomelo Oil, Neem leaves, help your hair incredibly soft, silky, and shiny. Besides, all pleasant smells bring relaxing feeling and enhance mood.

Our Solution

To keep the familiar image of the Soapberry line, we adjust the Cap’s Pink level and preserve the black bottle. Besides, we focus on the natural nourish extract for hair care, as well as the positioning of products in the market. After 7 months of manufacturing and experiment, Fresh steps up in the game with a minimal design and clear message, standing out on the supermarket shelves among competitors.


Bratus has developed and optimized Fresh’s positioning in the market to create a delicate and pure beauty product that speak the language of natural ingredients. This is a strong point that attracts the consumers in the decades of synthetic cosmetics.