Phan Bon Omix

Sector: Agriculture
Client: Omix Bach Tung
Location: Dong Nai


Brand platform
Corporate identity
Print design

A Vietnam fertilizer company that can change the future of farmers

The Challenge

The past challenge of Omix is that the market share mainly focused on Rubber Plant and gradually weakened their brand identity. Besides, changing habits of farmers using the chemical to organic products requires efforts and time.

Due to the competitive market, counterfeit products in low quality makes the consumers more timid and careful with the new packaging. Moreover, the logo was drafted designed led to a conservative and quite shabby shape based on the brand registration. Product presentation in retails was chaotic and scattered that is hard to gain trusts and companionship from the farmers.

Research & Insight

Mr.Huy, our client has just finished his study abroad and come back to handle his family fertilizer business. The oversea knowledge and experience inspire and encourage him to lead a new turn for Omix. Omix ’s product lines with multiple functions offer effective solutions for a wide range of plants and crops. Meanwhile, their main revenue comes from big retails in agriculture regions and small gardening stores.


Bratus had a lot of conversations and sharing about Omix origin, their beliefs, accomplishment, and initial expectation. We also conduct research deep and wide about Omix to discover insights and impressions besides those collaboration meeting. “Since my childhood, there is a close bonding of me and cultivation and the field” – Mr.Huy said. This warm-hearted sharing led us to understand more about his brand and products.


Omix’s old identity, as well as other brands in the market,  is lack of concepts and purposes, the core of brand development. Therefore, we decided to refresh all designs, look for a unique story for their target consumers and also meet the market needs and conditions. We always consider the idea – “Build the belief and joy of farmers and make them our close companions.”

“Omix designs are constructed on a strong platform that is transformed into brand visual and identity. Recognizing brand purposes is the core of modern branding.”

Brand Concept 

Our main concept was inspired from the original land of Omix, Dong Nai province located Northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Nai was well-known about the deer habitat in the past. Wherever the deer live, crops are abundant and green. To the farmers, deers are the guardian of nature bringing the hope for a good harvest.


The Vietnamese word Nai (English: Deer) symbolizes the fortune, blessings, and prosperity. They are also friendly and pleasant animal that can deliver a positive message of the brand. That is the reason why we decided to call the product “Phân bón hiệu con nai” (English: Deer Fertilizers) which is simple and memorable.

Logo Concept

We redesign the icon of the deer with stylized antlers that become branches and leaves, as symbols of luck, prosperity, and growth. The chosen typeface for logotype is friendly and minimal with neat round corners to represent agriculture benefits. The treatment in letter X reveals the process of mixing product composition to improve soil function and strengthen the plant immune system.

Visual Identity

The visual language is consistent with the illustrative logo and inspired from logomark’s antlers and brand purpose “Mang lộc đến mọi nhà nông” (English: Bring luck to farmers) and “Xanh cây tốt trái” ( English: Green Plants, Great Crops).

We also use the recycled paper material with natural colors following by a careful handcrafted process to promote an authentic feel and raise awareness about environmental-friendliness of Omix organic products.

Packaging System

The redesigned packaging concept evokes a positive message about prosperous harvests. The inspiration derives from brand’s slogan “Xanh cây, Tốt Trái” (English: Green Plants, Great Crops). Key Visual system inherits the identity motif to create a set of patterns constructed from fruits and crops. This motif varies in different types of fertilizers, forming a flexible and unified identity system that is capable of adding new products in the future.


To attract customer’s attention and create visual impressions, color system is carefully considered in each line, which contains yellow, green and blue for Mineral, Compound and Bio-Organic fertilizers respectively. The picked typeface is a simple and neat sans-serif font with friendly round corners. The contrast layout is established between images, information, product taglines, and functional descriptions. The packaging sacks can be recycled and reutilized with different purposes in daily life, such as bags, raincoats…


With a brand new design, we balance between product benefits, functions, and features which fit cultivation on the large scale, family farms or even individual professional gardeners. Furthermore, the design presents and raise the value of the product, as well as consumer’s awareness of such advanced goods on the marketplace that is gradually faded.