Techcombank Mid-Autumn Festival

Sector: Banking & Finance


Art direction
Concept Design
Packaging design
Crafted printing

A festive gift mixed by traditional and modern design treatments

The Challenge

Mid-Autumn, one of the most important Vietnamese holidays,  lasts on the 15th day of the lunar August. As the full moon that night tends to inspire people’s anticipation for a family reunion, it is also called “Feast of Reunion.”

This day is also considered a harvest festival since farmers have just finished gathering their crops and bringing in fruits from the orchards. Overwhelmed with joy by a bumper harvest and quite relaxed after a year of hard work, Mid-Autumn is a time for relaxation and celebration. Food offerings – including the traditional and indispensable mooncakes – are placed on an altar set up in the courtyard.

Our Solution

Techcombank partnered with Bratus to design a gift pack for its customers in this festivity. The concept behind the key pattern is a clever mix of the bank logo and the traditional Vietnamese pattern motive. This is adapted to the packaging of the mooncakes – where the pattern is die-cut on a double wall box – and it is then translated on the layout of the cakes within the pack.


Each mooncake is nicely presented in individual boxes and the origami-folded postcards reveal an accompaniment message from the bank. Finally, the complementary paper bag features the same key pattern in a subtle white tone embossing.

“The cake packaging recalls the characteristics of the nation and culture in a skillful traditional design, sending customers best wishes.”
“The small inner boxes are arranged to form Techcombank’s logo as deep gratitude to customers.”
“Techcombank's moon-cake box is designed with the combination of traditional and modern culture through decorative patterns on the background.”