Sector: Photography
Client : Gbox
Location: HCMC


Art direction
Brand concept
Brand identity
Web Design
Crafted production

A visual lens to explore a creative brand and the world

Gbox aims to create an adequate service offering clients the highest-quality works with a comprehensive understanding of modern production. Their services include advertising, products, automotive, portrait, fashion, editorial photography and video production. Gbox is based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam.

We develop an innovative strategy for Gbox brand identity, where creativity and inspiration are the platforms for their activities. The brand name and the camera lens are the inspiration for Gbox’s logomark. We aim to generate a powerful but simple idea when all design components are based on the coherence of a box.

In addition, we promote visual elements, an icon set representing the characters and different core values of Gbox, arranged with the brand name on different applications. The order is flexible and can be creatively set for different layouts.

The stationery focuses on design elements and hand-crafted production including a gift set for their clients such as DVD packaging, postcards, business cards, envelopes, portfolio… We also explore the origami folded structure for the envelope based on hexagons of the logomark. The embossing and stamping tools are also provided so the customers can freely produce the applications for their own needs.