Vincom key visual campaign

Sector: Lifestyle / Retail


Concept design
Master keyvisual
2D Illustration
3D Illustration
Digital imaging

Vincom – a special place full of happiness and joyful moments

About Project

Vincom is a chain of commercial centers, owned by VinGroup. With more than 40 malls all around Vietnam, Vincom features modern mixed-use space for exciting activities including shopping, cuisine, entertainment and recreational options. To strengthen the brand image and relocate the brand positioning in consumer’s heart, Bratus was briefed to design the visual concept “Gifts for life”.


The campaign with multiple events is recognized by the master key visual “the red ribbon” and new image treatment, which will become a good foundation for media and marketing campaign. A Poster key visual collection is developed by mixing model photos with digital and hand-painted materials. Refreshing, Modern and Trendy are keys of the visual experience we would like to introduce to Vincom’s consumers.


The concept delivers the main message of Vincom about a place full of happiness, recreation, exploration and surprises. The biggest gift of Vincom is the valuable, joyful and relaxing moments you spend with family, friends and lovers.


Master campaign theme “Quà Tặng Cuộc Sống”


Vincom Christmas campaign 


Vincom Summer campaign


Vincom Black Friday campaign


Vincom Mid-autumn Festival


Vincom Lunar New Year campaign