Sector: Fashion
Client: Haberman
Location: Vietnam


Brand concept
Visual identity
Brand application

A Coven of Free Men

Haberman is a fashion brand for the independent and free-spirited gentleman. Haberman’s products offer a unique experience, distinctive fashion trends and modern, stylish lifestyles, designed especially for millennial males. Our designs deliver the manifesto “Fashion is the connector between spirits and lifestyle”. We also keep our promise to companion with our customers on the journey of discovering their passions, freedom, and conquering spirit.


Haberman follows the passion and big mission to diverse and upgrades the local male fashion industry. In order to promote the best brand image of Haberman, the visual identity has to express the freedom, brand core values and evoke the message “At Haberman, fashion builds the throne of freedom”. Besides, our product lines always stay diverse and different that requires a logical and comprehensive visual identity system. This system has to be different and interesting yet consistent and appropriate. Furthermore, graphic elements also maintain the “unique” aspect and keep up with the recent visual trends to increase brand competitiveness to another fashion retails.

Our strategy

At first, we explored the brand essence and its associations, then operate the in-depth research and categorize Haberman products. We also build a relevant and distinctive brand story and visual developing concepts for Haberman. To emphasize the freedom and passion of a Haberman, we narrate different adventures and six special visual languages presenting six diverse male fashion styles:


Represents the pioneer, different, confident and open-minded gentleman.
They are mysterious, stylish and attract you with adventurous and inspiring mindset who willingly discover and learn new things.


The tribe of stylish, courteous and clever gents. They are naturally the center of attention with their high positions and achievements. The charming glance and confidence are always the main appearance of these successful and dedicated persons.


Nurtures the free-spirited, energetic and amusing guys. Their lives are filled with the passion to discover and youth. These ones are also very attractive with their humor, positiveness, open-mindedness, and kindness.


Is the origin of modern, elegant masculines who can easily control their time to break through and get over their limits. They are cherished by their patience, tenderness, and honesty that are always ready to listen and share with you.


Strong, powerful, thoughtful and fashionable are the characteristics of this male type. They possess the confidence of a strategist as well as the bravery of an adventurer. Male street style is their fashion motto which may keep your constant attention to them.


Is home of lighthearted, friendly, playful and passionate guys. They were born with the warm sunshine on the horizon and the cool deep undersea rivers. You will be attracted by their thoughtful, artistic and positive features

Visual identity

The key visual system reveals the freedom in fashion language and develops it to six different visual concepts relating to six main gentle’s characteristics – the Haberman: Ocean, Rocky, Forest, Dessert, Moutain, Meadow.

The brand color palette is selected based on different features of landscapes fitting to six principal characteristics. These colors are paired with Haberman main colors to create a strong, modern, liberated and stylish color system. We also experimented various techniques with traditional medium (watercolor, charcoals, papercutting…) and digital retouch to come up with the final key visual system. This new method not only perfectly presents different main topics but also introduces a unique and interesting visual language that shows the elegance, freedom, rusticity, and craftsmanship.

The key visual system is flexible enough to adapt to different applications and environment that may improve the efficiency of brand identity and visual attraction. This key visual may also become the add-on elements to fashion collection design or apply to in-store interior and decoration, to maximize the consistency of brand identity.