Sector: Aviation
Client: Incentex
Location: USA


Visual identity
Brand poster
Print design
Craft printing

Line up. Connect the world by every flight

Incentex has been a trusted aviation supplier for 20 years in the industry, focusing on high- quality products covering above and below-wing uniforms, safety gear, first-aid supplies, personal protective equipment, ramp, GSE…. Their main clients include airlines, ground handling, and cargo providers, FBOs, MROs, and airport service companies.


After cooperating directly and closely with our clients, Bratus realized that the vital mission of this project was to establish a unique brand identity and visual language for Incentex. Besides, the new identity also needed to deliver the brand strategic vision and its mission to connect the developed world by every flight.

Throughout the project, we were challenged to design a fresh-new, unique and modern identity for a 20-year operating brand, as well as to support the main purpose and strong development of the Incentex.

“The big challenge we had to conquer was to build up a strong message and inspiring lifestyle for the brand and connect Incentex with today global market.”


Our approach was to start with the analysis
of the previous brand to determine the brand gap between Incentex’s ambition and its identity. Later, we collected and connected the visual foundation and strategies to support the design process, and also upgraded every specific element of Incentex identity.

Visual identity system

From the idea of the aircraft, the new logo was finalized with the round border to emphasize the meaning of global connection, international flights, and Incentex business. The contrast between positive and negative space was also applied in the logo to bold the look, attract customers and create a more dynamic icon.
The air routes are the principal visual element of the new identity, inspired by Incentex stories and their associations. The routes illustrated by lines and typography were connected through all applications to clarify and inspired the concept of “connecting the world”. Moreover, the circle and half-circle shapes also appeared in the visual system to amplify the main concept. These visual elements generated the new minimal, attractive and strong identity for Incentex.