Sector: Food & Beverage / Restaurant
Client: Z! CAFE
Location: Bien Hoa


Brand platform
Visual identity
Coffee shop concept
Brand guideline

The brand story of Z! Cafe journey, from coffee farms to every selling cup

Z! Cafe is a coffee franchise originated from Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. Since 2008, their primary mission is to offer the original and high-graded coffee experience to every Vietnamese. “Vietnamese coffee is firstly served Vietnamese”, Z!Cafe announced.


We had an opportunity to partner with Z! Cafe in the journey of redefining their branding identity. To expand the business model and raise more awareness, Z! Cafe required a new identity which is more modern, friendly, energetic and exclusive. Our challenge is not only to create a flexible yet interesting identity but also build up a trendy and unique brand environment.

Our Approach

Working side by side with Z! Cafe founder, we operated in-depth researches and evaluation on brand vision, core values and its associations. Consequently, we aimed to create the powerful strategy for Z! Cafe’s stable development and its flexible franchise system.

Our mission is to unite brand recent values, its inspiration and community. Finally, the combination of all ideas becomes the concept “Excellent Coffee Experiences” that shines up Z! Cafe new identity.

Logo concept

Z! Cafe logo was based on its value set: nature, stylish, simple, energetic and refreshing. We transform the exclamation mark in the brandname to the steaming mug of coffee you have every morning. This symbol highlights a new day energy and happiness that Z! Cafe prepare for you; and also evoke the fresh, exciting and intimate feelings. The combination of orange and dark grey colors presents the strong and dynamic factors, draws attention and trigger a taste. 

Visual identity

The main inspiration of key visual system came from the brand’s values: natural ingredients and organic production of Z!  Cafe. These values were converted to the pattern and icon systems that are ready-to-use for brand applications. The brand-new identity confirms that Z! Cafe is a right place for people who wants to connect with modern and trendy lifestyle and enjoy the freshness and energy of every new day.

“The visual identity connects customers with the perfect organic coffee from the farms”
“Not only do Z! Cafe serve a wonderful coffee but they also offer customers new community-connection experiences and inspire a great lifestyle - Stress less and Enjoy life


Brand messages paired up with strong and bold typography and condensed typeface which reflect well the industrial look of both visual system and the coffee franchise. This typography style promotes the energetic, lively and “bold flavor” that is always ready to wake you up every morning, as well as Z! Cafe. The images of food and beverage combined with typography create the unique and modern visual consistency and ensure a good sense of taste.