Sector: Property
Sector: Property
Location: HCMC


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Indoor and outdoor living space


We helped define the vision and to shape their positioning strategy to express a forward-looking platform with creativity and technology at its heart. We began by helping ecoe to define its brand purpose: ‘One touch to home” it’s the purpose driving ecoe to become your destination – the destination of investors, agents, buyers, sellers, and renters.


At the heart of the brand identity is a dynamic logo. We underscored the letter mark “e” by an abstract geometric symbol of the lock that represents the smart search tool – to help find the place people want to live; the technology – to address the real estate market’s challenges. Moreover, it is an information filtering system to collects, inspects and evaluates data for users.

We designed a flexible identity representing the evolution of technology and translated brand values into geometric patterns. Within each symbol is subtle meaning and connotation of search, connection, technology, resource, definition. The transformation is our approach to the “One touch to home” concept.

Central to our design system, we created a collection of visually searching shapes that performs the diversity of roles and disciplines in ecoe platform. Collectively, they represent agents, brokers, users, and markets that work as one to redefine real estate in the customer’s favor.
Besides that ecoe Identity was further reinforced through the use of warm, positive, optimistic, and human-interest imagery.

ecoe logotype has bold and classic type proportions and is derived from a modern geometric font. It feels contemporary yet timeless by giving thorough attention to each custom detail.