Stella Pharm

Sector: Pharmaceuticals


Brand identity

Refreshes packaging for Vietnam leading pharmaceutical Stella

Established in 2000, Stella Pharm is now one of Vietnam leading generics manufacturers.
After finishing in-depth market research and exploring creative different experiments.
We approach with the visual inspired by geometric structures to create visual system for 12 different categories with abstractive conceptual graphics in geometric forms, mathematical grids, modern treatments.
Each category’s key visual reflects the concept of human organ systems (joints and bones, cells, immune system, genetic chromosomes, stomach…) and their operations in an abstractive and conceptual graphics. Furthermore, the geometric shapes connecting in structural grids also show how Stella products help to cure diseases, forming the direct visual associations and enhance brand awareness.
The color palette system is also composed to distinguish different types of this huge medicine system.
The minimal and clean grid system improves the clarifying and consistent packaging contents, help the pharmacists easily distinguish different doses. Furthermore, the systematic layout grid also promotes its flexibility while applying on different sizes and products, from boxes, jars, to tubes and blisters.