Lotte vn

Sector: E-commerce
Client: Lotte
Location: Korea


Visual identity
Brand poster
Brand guideline

one-touch shopping reaching all favorite items

Challenge introduces and provides consumers with the connection to variable retail categories of high quality Korean services. At that time, approached Bratus to help make them the lead brand in Vietnam shopping online market by developing its identity, as well as high-standard and authentic user experience.


We have been through a lot of extensive research of the same market competitors to define a different identity and strategy for Collecting all data, exploring the brand from other approaches, inheriting the Lotte Group values yet still maintaining the consistency of the Brand, the concept are built up to initially express characteristic, efficient for media and campaign launch in the future.

Visual identity

Our Logo and visual identity concept was inspired from the dot, which is a touch point between digital world and user, also means consumer in the shopping online community. We take into account people’s connection with distinct values by our One Stop Shop Strategy and Shop with One Touch. The idea is that with just one touch, the consumer can experience Lotte’s Unique, whole hearted and convenient service.

The overlay circles in logo create the touch points. In a bigger vision, they form arrows from many directions then converge at destination point