Tet Viet

Sector: Agencies



A holiday gift to promote Tet cultural traditions with paper arts

Tet is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture (Vietnamese Lunar New Year). Nowadays, Tet atmosphere is slowly faded to the modern lifestyle and its customs are no longer practiced to promote our precious traditional values as before. That is the reason why we came up with “Tet Viet” poster project, to revive the simplest festive values of Tet’s traditions.

“Our inspiration comes from the nostalgia belonging to Tet traditional symbols such as apricot and cherry blossoms, a fruit tray, Chung cakes, lion dance, fireworks and banana leaves.”

Firstly, we started working with a very first idea in sketches and exploring concepts. We then applied all the designs to paper cutting arts layer by layer with high attention to details.

Our process spent 12 days to complete the final works including the handcrafted poster, greeting cards, and its packaging. Besides that, the 70s – 80s font style was customized for “Tet Viet” headline to reflect the Vietnam classic typography.

“We applied folded patterns of the banana leaf on card cover to remind of the familiar and rustic image of Vietnam culture.”
“We believe our efforts to create this “Tet Viet” project will inspire the creative community to protect and preserve our traditional cultural heritage.”