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    Vinpearl Safari, the largest wildlife care and conservation park in Vietnam. Nestled in Bai Dai, the Northwest coast of Phu Quoc Island, Vinpearl Safari Park, boasting to be Vietnam’s largest zoological park, conserve abundant indigenous and exotic flora and fauna. The sanctuary is home to 400 species of plants, and 2000 wild animals representing 140 different species, many of which are considered rare and endangered. The definition of Vinpearl Safari Park is beyond a wildlife exhibit park. It’s also designated as a centre for research, breeding and preserving of the world’s rarest flora and fauna.

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We exploited an inspired source from the image of “Phu Quoc” island where the Safari, promised land and tropical paradise is located for wildlife population.
We classified and integrated those animal symbols which is followed the shape of Phu Quoc island on the map.

Specially, the negative prominent part was designed to represent the bird symbol as a brand mark’s Vingroup corporation.
The overall look and feel of logo also represent a tourism attraction factor – promoting Phu Quoc island’s image in particular and Vietnam to international tourist generally.
This project is an open wildlife zoo which will bring the pride to Vietnamese as mentioned the name “Vinpearl Safari”.


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At the beginning, based on the data research analyst and article evaluation study to find a worthy orientation for the Vinpearl Safari Project.

We concentrated on building a logo with a long-term oriented strategy which belong to the visibility, architectural coherence in Vingroup brand,
model and a business scale of service development such as tourism, resort and visit.

Firstly, following the advantages of the VinGroup brand image in Vietnam, Bratus desired an inheritance and acquirement an essence from the parent brand image for a Vinpearl Safari logo. Furthermore, Phu Quoc island is also exploited into the study to take on the place’s identity where  will be a tropical paradise destination.

Besides that, an observation deep analysis articles from other successful brand in the field of zoo. We seek out and apply new inspirations to a good present of huge scale, project value and as well as the pride of VinGroup particular and Vietnam in general.

In the way how to approach with the market and client, we also try to eliminate a thought of ordinary zoo in visitors’ mind by creating many open-plan directions and evoking positive emotions and identities for the project. A friendly mascot is played a major role in “communication” and no barrier interaction to visitors at the zoo.

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