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    White Palace is one of the most luxurious designed and technologically advanced convention center in Ho Chi Minh City. With a total of 6,500 square meter function space, White Palace Convention Center provides a preeminent setting for any kind of event. Whether you are planning a board meeting for 30, a shareholder meeting for 3,500 or a banquet for 3,000, White Palace Convention Center is equipped with the amenities and services to ensure your event is successful.

    White Palace asked us change web recognition new image  to suite with vision, marketing promotion for new targets, they restructured many services and will open in main services as meetings, events, weddings, catering, and fine dining

    – New web layout must satisfy trademark position, creation of the different comparison with competitor in the same field.
    – Building up a clear slogan and trademark value throughout web layout, helping viewer feel clearly about strong position, service value.
    – Controlling and orientation about using image of White Palace.
    – Attracting potential customers via website, help customer easy to search and booking reservation.
    – Website has good interaction with smartphone, tablet devices.
    – Building a good admin management page, admin can edit or update any information and image.
    Have a long time with design using value, satisfied competitive factor in the trademark development.

    – Layout is toward luxury, simple, subtle, popular type-face to easy reading and good display in many devices, Languages including English and Vietnamese.
    – Using black and white color in all layouts, documents.
    – We attach special importance to using images in content illustration, these images will be collected and using many effects as blur, bokeh helping documents in images clear and easy reading..
    – We are same special importance to build web’s features to help their potential customer easy to find services and quickly catch promotion from White Palace.

    Main features were developed as follow:
    Hall Map: All of halls were designed under the map, they are classified based on function of each service, location, size. When clicked on detail you can see all of hall’s parameter, type of arranged table and desk from that you will know that this hall satisfied your require or not.
    Calendar: This feature allows you booking date for events, meetings, weddings… promotion programs will be ready automatic set up in whole year, and you can choose and change reservation date to get the best preferences.

    Our Project fearured on:
    CSS WINNER 2014



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