• Tet Viet – Handcrafted Paper

    Tet is an important holiday in the year of Vietnamese (Vietnam Lunar new year). Nowadays, the atmosphere is modernized and no longer converse a traditional flavor of the Tet old day. That is why we made the “Tet Viet” poster.

    Our inspiration is come from a nostalgia which is belong to traditional symbols of the cultural Tet Vietnam as apricot, peach flower, fruit tray, rice cakes, lion dances, fireworks and banana leaf.

    Firstly, we were start working with a very first idea sketches and exploring concepts then made entirely by handcraft on paper art material and natural color.

    We spent 12 days for the process and complete the work included the poster handcraft, getting cards and packaging. Beside that, the old 70-80 century fontstyle also was exploited and reformed for the “Tet Viet” typeface.

    Secondly, in the very specify getting card pattern, we use a banana leaf become a core inspiration – it is a familiar image in the cultural closeness Vietnamese.

    Finally, we believe and desire to create a passionate poster as a Tet holiday’s gift which inspire a community contribution to preserving the cultural identity through the art form of an intimate paper craft.


Bratus vietnam-sketch-designer vietnam

graphic designer vietnam-design agency vietnam

cutting       hoa mai giay-hand craft paper


hand craft paper-brand agency-cty thiet ke thuong hieu o ho chi minh

setdesign-bratus agency-branding agency vietnam

packaging design in vietnam-bratus

Banana leaf paper -bratus agency

packaging design agency in ho chi minh-bratus agency

process 2

banana leaf paper-bratus       Poster handcraft paper- vietnam traditional design

phao hoa      vietnam traditional art - paper

vietnam traditional art-bratus agency -paper

vietnam traditional design

banana leaf-vietnam - vietnam traditional design

getting card -bratus agency-handcraft paper

packaging-tet viet

Vietnam Packaging design

gift poster

vietnam packaging design-bratus agency

poster-tet viet-vietnam lunar new year-bratus agency


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