• Nafoods Group Branding


    Nafoods has become the Vietnam leading group in the complete chain of growing, processing, packaging, and exporting raw agricultural as well as beverage products domestically and globally. Nafoods is committed  to bring the high-quality natural and nutritional products to consumer, by then develop community and make positive changes of Vietnamese famers’ lives. In effort to be more professional and competitive globally while expanding business scale, Bratus was asked to join their journey of rebranding and creating a new line of fruit juice concentrate. The project started with our discussion about the challenge, the brand strategy and a field trip to Nafoods Group’s farm in Nghệ An Province

    Brand concept

    During the field trip to higland 400km away from Nafoods office, we were mesmerized by the immense landscape of Passion fruit and Gac cultivation land. Among those beautiful things is a warm-hearted story of Mr CEO about the 22 year establishment and rebranding targets. Looking at the trip photos, Bratus  is deeply impressed by the image of Passion fruit , owning multiple positive uses in daily life. Thanks to the biological feature, Passion fruit  always grows strong despite the extreme weather. Besides, Nafoods culture, way of working and living and changing farmer’s lives and community, has inspired us to build their passionate brand identity. Logomark is  geometrical combination of heart, pure water drop and fire shape , which always light up and shines bright as the north star of business.

We choose gradation ranging from green to red as a visual translation of the logo story. This run across letter head, note book, brochure, poster as dominant brand tone.
The restraint of gradient usage on art paper color establish the balance between logo, identity and information, yet still capturing attention.
Stationary design is highlighted by delicate materials, art paper color same as the brand pallette are chosen to achieve the consistency and natural feeling. Color papers,
Red-Green-Brown, are pasted together to achieve the paper weight and two-side color surface .
Stationary and marketing collateral are then manufactured with Subtle techniques including Silk Screen Printing, emboss.
The whole Brand identity reflects minimal,clean and natural spirit in combination of typography layout, color and materials.








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