• Incentex

    For over a decade, aviation has been only focus incentex.
    incentex clients include airlines, ground handling and cargo service providers, FBOs, MROs, and airport service companies. Through managed programs, incentex supply a wide range of products typically purchased from multiple vendors including above and below-wing uniforms, safety gear, first aid supplies, personal protective equipment, ramp, GSE, and shop supplies, just to name a few.

    incentex is looking to slightly freshen up some of the new design elements for brand’s image. Our goal is to maintain a simple, clean, and professional look in all of the touch points of business.

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Brand mark

To indicate that incentex is in the aviation business, we use the image of a flying airplane and design it to be simple and classy.
The airplane is toward the right which states that incentex is and always will be toward the future.
The crispy design brings in the feeling of a professional, modern, and welcoming business

Word mark

incentex‘s word mark is Avenir LT Std, a very simple, yet classic typeface by Adrian Frutiger.
There is a lot of spacing in between the letters, bringing the friendly look and feel to the logo.
We bring up a little twist at the letter “x” to make it stand out from other brands that also use Avenir LT Std.

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The primary color of incentex’s brand is the light blue of sky. It is friendly and calming, bringing the feeling of trust and loyalty.
The colors are based on the PANTONE Solid Coated.

Brand colors-logo design

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