Danh Hien Jewelers is company specializes in handmade diamond jewelry, working as a family tradition. Already founded in 1950 by Nguyen Van Hien – today the company consists of two stores and one jewelry workshop with about 120 craftsmen. They still produce handcrafted jewelry in a traditional way. Their diamond products are all made under the standard of GIA (Gemological Institute of America).


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Danh hien Logo-cty thiet ke logo-bratus- advertising agency vietnam

Logo Concept

Bratus was tasked to develop a new logo and brand identity to stand out and show the aspects of luxury and modernity as well as tradition,  the uniqueness, and their attention to each detail.
We take the main inspiration from the diamond. The image of a diamond is rather popular in jewelry brands. Therefore, the big challenge that we have to face is making an exceptionally creative  and unique brand mark.
Our direction for approach is the combination of the main letters in the brand name, the top view  image of the diamond, the Celtic art to make the geometric signature.

We chose serif typeface as it represented for aesthetics and fashion industry. The color palette is selected to show the charm, the femininity.  The supplementary colors have been carefully chose to go harmonious for flexibility usage.

advertising agency vietnam-Bratus-branding- logo design-danh hien

Logo grid construction

corporation identity- bratus-branding agency vietnam-luxury busines card-foil

Business card – Double thick paper with black paper and light pink paper, edge printing, embossed logos, foil embossing.

jewelry branding-bratus-branding agency vietnam-stationary

Stationary design –  Plain-colored paper materials, foil embossing, edge printing, handcrafted

cty thiet ke thuong hieu vietnam-bratus-danh hien- corporation identity

logotype- brand design agency vietnam - cty thiet ke logo tai ho chi minh

jewelry brand identity-bratus-branding agency vietnam-stationary

For the visual identity, we exploit the inspiration from the structure and the block image of precious stones, diamond, the bond of chemical components under the guarantee of tidiness and elegance. The pattern structure may be flexibly applied in different angles.

luxury business card-thiet ke thuong hieu- bratus-branding agency

jewelry branding-bratus-brand agency vietnam-stationary.jpg

thiet ke thuong hieu-branding agency viet nam-bratus-stationary

In the application system, we keep the logo displayed simply with positive space without conflict with the pattern system. Our publication are made with special printing treatment (handcraft, edge printing and bronze foil embossing) on plain-colored paper materials.

thiet ke logo-logo design-corporation identity-danh hien

visual identity- design agency vietnam-bratus-stationary

bratus-cty thiet ke logo-thuong hieu- danh hien

DanhHien-bratus-corporation identity-folder creative design

danh hien-thiet ke logo-stationary-bratus

cty thiet ke thuong hieu-bratus-branding agency vietnam

cty thiet ke bao bi viet nam-thiet ke bao bi nu trang-packaging design agency vietnam

Our desire to harmonize the classic and modern feelings. It is long-lasting iconic for a long-term business development.

Marketing collateral

voucher creative design- branding agency vietnam- print design

paper bag design-bratus- thiet ke tui giay-cty bratus

Some jewelry tools

Danh Hien-bratus-jeweler tools-kim hoan vietnam

Responsive website design with desktop and mobile devices.

branding agency vietnam-cty bratus-thiet ke web

Desktop Version

web agency vietnam-bratus-thiet ke web-danh hien-Jewelry

web design-thiet ke web-bratus

danh hien-cty bratus-web agency vietnam-web trang suc

danh hien-Jewelry-thiet ke website-trang suc

web design-Jewelry-responsive-bratus

Tablet Version

web responsive-Jewelry-danh hien-bratus

thiet ke web trang suc-Jewelry-bratus-danh hien

cty thiet ke web- web agency vietnam-Jewelry-bratus-branding agency vietnam

Mobile Version

Danh Hien Jewelers-ad photography vietnam-bratus


danh hien-photography ad-bratus

Danh Hien-photography agency vietnam-bratus-advertising agency vietnam

Danh Hien Jewelers-ad photography vietnam-bratus agency

photography advertising ho chi minh-studio shooting product vietnam

photography ad agency vietnam- advertising photography studio ho chi minh-bratus

jewelery design process-thiet ke san pham trang suc- danh hien jewelers



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