• PNB Architecture Brand Identity

    PNB  is an Architecture, Interior and Landscape Studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    PNB is derived from the term “post and beam”, the main and general structural elements in construction . Our task is to build a bold, minimal and refined brand identity that reflects the values and philosophy of PNB  based on the thorough research of architecture principles, structures and materials.

    The  arrangement of basic geometries  in logotype reminds of the composition of architectural elements to achieve the construction flexibility, lighting  and finally space.

    Furthermore, the brand name draws a unique characters on the canvas of visual identity. Post and beams tells the story of architectural expression, function and universality. These components connection and architectural themes continues throughout the matt and uncoated paper choice, distinctive type, bold colors and the print finish . Die cuts are made subtly in name card, letterheads , folders and some other stationaries, giving the emotive high-quality sense of finishing and more than that a playful interaction for the elements in connection with each other.











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