• Gac Day

    About Brand
    GacDay is a daily nutrition drink that is specially developed to relieve inner health, protect the cardiovascular system, contribute to cellular rejuvenation, strengthen the immune system. Its rich composition, including powerful antioxidants-vitamin and Lycopene helps prevent cancer while betacarotene helps improve eyesight and skin health.

    Product concept
    Gac puree originated from Viet Nam is extra rich in Vitamins. The recipe of mixing Gac flavor and other complement ingredients (strawberry puree, red grape juice, blackcurrant juice, carrot concentrate, hibiscus, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate) is researched by European experts for natural and healthy lifestyle in the middle of a worrisome day.

    Brand name
    GacDay is the wordplay of its Vietnamese pronunciation. Day means 24 hours but also refers to demonstrative pronoun “this is” in Vietnamese. Accordingly, GacDay is a friendly and memorable name of Gac puree to help enhance body system, balance nutrition, and fight against cancer.

    Brand concept
    Strategy for Gac Day is positioned as a healthy and natural product that will strengthen the immune system, purify body , provide energy and essential nutrients for a tiresome day.

    Design concept
    Concept is a combination of purity and simplicity, recognized by two splits bold solid colors. Red represents the product color and positive energy while white reflects the harmonization and serenity spirit in meditation philosophy
    Typography and content is chosen as clear and stand out white displayed on red background. Bottle is made of recycled plastic that is suitable for transportation, preservation from Europe to Viet Nam, then to B2B channel.