• Mattana

    Mattana is a brand of NBC – a top garment corporation in Vietnam with history of over 35 years of foundation and development. There are more than 100 stores in Vietnam. Mattana’s product is the subtle and careful combination of design, materials and workmanship.
    Mattana’ s product lines include shirt, trousers and accessories such as leather wallet, socks, necktie, underwear.

    Project Targets:

    – To create a system of packing for strong, simple, fine brand identification to meet the development strategy of Mattana.
    – To increase business efficiency, to improve competitive ability of the trade name.
    – The value of packaging application is for long-term identification, satisfying the factors of competition and trade name development.
    – To enhance the range of trade name and identification coverage of products.

    The Story :

    We are building the image of modern businessmen with confidence, individualism, sophistication. They always work with more than 100% of their power and Mattana is a product to fit their image.
    The simple and modern design not only manifests the appearance of the product but also transmits values of spirit, inspiration and motivation through meaningful sayings printed on the products.
    Moreover, Mattana is also a partner and an energizer of the user through its CEO’s letter arranged formally in each box.
    It is considered as a final note in the song of success.

Logo Mattana-bratus

Icons System


Icons system

Visual Pattern


Packaging Design

ao so mi_mattana-bratus

Mattana-cravat 2-bratus


bag-mattana nha be-bratus-packaging

Áo Sơ Mi Nam Mattana-bratus-packaging fashion

Packaging Design Process

packaging process-bratus

packaging design process-bratus

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