• Long Van Group

    Long Van NTV was established in 1992 as a high quality aluminum manufacturer in Viet Nam. They provide a wide range of  products and Japan technology inside and outside the country. Due to the fast pace growth, they have developed into a Long Van Group.
    Creating a strong and clear brand identity together with a strategy to re-propositioning and restructure the group, Long Van aims to be well recognized in the market with the new brand personality
    Brand mark is inspired from the aluminum and dragon referring the manufacturing field and the Long Van mascot.
    The new Brand Mark is distinctive, simple and flexible in use.
    Meanwhile, Word mark follows the Eastern Philosophy “Hard and Soft “. Hard symbolizes tough, upright and reliable  characteristic while Soft stands for the lightness, flexibility and clear vision in business

    Chosen Colors has a strong contrast, giving the attractive yet simple impression. Harmonization and trust has been delivered well in Blue color. Besides, Red is passionate and steady.
    We keep the stationary, communication collateral and website consistent and strong in language and design
    Note: Dragon is a legendary creature which is a serpentine image with above-average intelligence in Eastern Fengshui
    Dragon is the symbol of yang, representing the emperor, the universe, life, existence,. Dragon also depicts the prosperity and power, non-stop growth in business.

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